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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. But don't take just our word for it; below are just a few of the testimonials our clients have submitted.

Have some feedback on your experience with No Hassle Hosting?
Let us know!

Thank you for being so responsive when we need something. We appreciate you very much! - Judy Salisbury

Your service is continued pleasure--to be able to go to the site and find it running smoothly is basically an unknown pleasure! Your professionalism and wealth of knowledge has been a true pleasure to work with. Not being the brightest bulb in the chandelier, you have tutored me, eased me into avenues I did not believe I could go here on the 'puter! At times was NOT sure I wanted too! But I and my members of my site feel VERY fortunate I made that all-important mouse-click! Look forward to your hosting and learning more from you! My deep thanks to you! Bob Hayes

Thank you SO MUCH for your help! You guys really do have stellar customer service. - Andrew K.

Actually, I don't think we tell you enough: Thanks so much for keeping on top of things and being so prompt with both websites! - Michelle Jacobi

Thanks again! What did we ever do w/o you??? - Linda Thomas

We would like to express our thanks directly but we would also like to register some form of appreciation to your organisation in a more official capacity for the excellent service we have received. We understand that may be by contacting the Better Business Bureau - is that right? Of course, if you want further testimonials, we will be happy to oblige. Big thanks! - Mike Smith, Durham Legal Services

Thanks, Candi! I really appreciate it! Talk about super service! Excellent! - Carol M.

I really appreciate your quick and personal service - it is nice to deal with folks that know real customer service! Thanks again! - Chris R.

I attempted to work with a competitor for hosting. On the surface, it appeared to be an attractive deal, but the more I got into their menu of services, all they would add for a "tiny" extra charge here and there, I couldn't help but feel I was getting the old "Bait and Switch." Everytime I got on their site, there was constant pressure to "Buy this extra feature!," and when all was said and done, I would have ended up with a package that was not only more money than my budget, but I'd have to swim upstream just to refuse the extra services they would attempt to tack on.

With NoHassleHosting, I got everything I wanted, at an incredible price, an administrator willing to hold my hand (and not my wallet) through the whole process, and of course, true to their URL, "No Hassle!" - Ted Eschliman

Your service is unbelievable. With service like yours, I doubt that you ever need references, but if you ever do, please call on me! - Steve Smith

I must tell you that I am extremely happy with your servers and lack of downtime. With the high traffic I've had on my site I have not had one complaint, yet many of my competitors have had major issues with their hosts. Kudos to you and many, many thanks for rocking. :) - Alicia H.

I've been hosted with No Hassle Hosting for over 4 years. The customer service is superior, with many of my questions easily acessible through the Knowledge Base, and a quick, personal reply only an email away. I enjoy that I never get a generic response!

The prices can't be beat and the additional features surpass any other hosting service I've ever been with. Thanks for your commitment to excellence and making hosting one less thing I have to worry about! - Zalary

I'm impressed with how fast in replying and helpful you are. At the place where my site currently resides, I asked 4-5 questions via their "customer support" form soon after signing up (mainly about various features of the site that didn't seem to work--and still don't). I never got an answer to any of them--not even a generic acknowledgement that I had sent in a question. And I'm paying $17/mo for about 150MB of server space--with terrible customer service at no extra charge! I've had "finding a better host" on my list of things to do for a while, and I'm glad I signed up. - Greg Smits

I'm quite impressed how quickly you have gotten back to me, and how friendly you are.... you don't speak to me in computer-jargon, like another hosting site did to me once, causing me to leave. I'm glad I did. - Jake Lewis

I love No Hassle Hosting - I am constantly praising it on my other, more public blog, which I shall be moving over to you when my contract expires in October. I can't wait! I've used about 5 or 6 different hosting services over the years, and yours is far and away the best! Fantastic service, and tools. 10/10! - Maria

You are so AWESOME! The list of recent upgrades to ALL of the accounts is just spectacular!!! I'm a very happy customer!!!!! - Terry

Just a few reasons why No Hassle Hosting is the bombdiggity -
1. I just got an email saying that my plan (basic, $66/yr) was upped again - as in, more space, more bandwidth, more email accounts and subdomains, more MYSQL databases... with no price increase
2. Lowest prices and best service.
3. I've experienced little to no downtime in the year I've been here. I've always been notified well in advance of planned outages.
5. Money for referrals.

- Cori

No Hassle Hosting is the best - almost no down time, and definitely super responsive to everything. The perks just keep getting better, and it's safe to say that I'll be sticking with 'em for as long as I have a website! - Jaya

I'm really satisfied with the service you provide; just the e-mails you send before you do maintenance to the servers, and then the statement for the payment every month. I'm really impressed, even more when I see how fast you respond to your customers' questions. I'm now proudly displaying a link to No Hassle Hosting. I'll make sure people know what a great service you offer. - Beatriz D.

Thanks for all your help! Much, much appreciated! Service like this is why I recommend NoHassle to all my friends. - Kerry

Just want to let you know how satisfied we are with No Hassle Hosting. Very reliable and flexible. If you're ever in Charlottesville, Virginia and want to see some great live music, let us know and we'll get you in for free. - Don G.

No Hassle Hosting lives up to its name. It is without a doubt the best hosting I have ever had - I never even have to think about it. I never have to think about the billing either, since it just goes on my credit card every month on the day I chose. All this for such a low price that you will be amazed! I have recommended it to friends and family who also use it and are equally pleased. - Susan Peakall

Thanks for the good service and quick set up. I can't believe the DNS switched over in less than 24 hours... on other domains I have, it has taken up to a week in some instances. I love your prices. Thanks again... - Steven Delfelder

I really like your hosting, it is the best that myself and some of the graphics people coming on to help with the site have run into in a long time. Your support is also second to none. Keep up the good work. - Chris

Absolutely love your hosting service, it rocks! Never any problems with it, and I recommend it to everyone! - Kama

Thanks again, you're always super helpful! - Kelly M.

Thanks for the clarification on NeoMail. Your service is outstanding and much appreciated! - Wayne H.

Thanks for your fast response... You guys have a well deserved domain. - Dave O.

Thank you Candi for your help. What a pleasure to have such great service. Have a great day. - Melba S.

Thanks for the info and the quick responses! You rock! - Christine K.

Hosting Plans

Basic Plan
150 MB disk space
5 GB bandwidth
$5.95 per month
or $66.00 per year

Standard Plan
400 MB disk space
20 GB bandwidth
Host 2 domains
10 add-on domains
$9.95 per month
or $99.00 per year

Silver Plan
800 MB disk space
40 GB bandwidth
Host 3 domains
10 add-on domains
$15.95 per month
or $162.50 per year

Gold Plan
1200 MB disk space
60 GB bandwidth
Host 3 domains
10 add-on domains
$29.95 per month
or $305.00 per year

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